Daily Specials

November 30, 2022

Korean Beef Dumplings - $12

chili-lime dipping sauce

Singapore Salmon Curry - $25

mild yellow coconut curry, wild salmon, spinach, tomato, vegetables, brown rice, fresh fruit chutney


Shakin’ Beef Noodles - $26

wok-seared beef filet, farmer’s market vegetables, rice noodles, chili-lime sauce, roasted peanuts, crispy shallots

Mandarin Orange Shrimp - $22

orange glazed crispy panko-crusted shrimp, farmer's market vegetables, brown rice

Sweet & Sour Tofu - $17

fried tofu, fresh pineapple, farmer's market vegetables, in house-made sweet & sour sauce, brown rice


Special Vegetable Side: Szechuan Green Beans  - $ 10

wok-tossed haricot vert, garlic, chili, pickled radish


Vegetable Soup of the Day

curried vegetable coconut


 Desserts - $7.50
  • Lemon Pudding Cake

  • Caramelized Apple Crumble

  • Hazelnut Fudge Bread Pudding

Sorbets - $5.00  GLUTEN FREE    VEGAN  
  • Lychee 

  • Coconut

  • Pomegranate

  • Lemon

  • Strawberry